In vino veritas; in wine, truth. While the Latin adage historically refers to wine’s ability to precipitate honesty, for Wine is Truth founder John Hardesty it also speaks to the wine industry’s ability to serve as a universal operational blueprint.

"The business of wine, if you look at it from 30,000 feet, is manufacturing. From an operational standpoint, that translates."

Whether you’re facing a manufacturing bottleneck, conceptualizing, and coordinating a warehouse buildout, creating and implementing a business plan, designing or streamlining processes — or in need of a fractional COO to address it all, Wine is Truth steps in, transforming operational puzzles of all sizes into reality-based solutions that align with your objectives and avoid potential pitfalls.

John’s over 20 years of operational leadership experience across the wine and beverage industries validates this perspective. He’s elevated revenues, profit margins, and efficiencies; restructured and scaled business portfolios, product lines, brands, and teams; consolidated supply chains and partnerships; managed eight-figure profit-and-loss … And as COO of an international wine group, he’s profitably connected everyday operations to big-picture strategies and growth-oriented business goals.

This acquired expertise is backed by John’s degrees in Business and Hospitality Management from Cornell and the Culinary Institute of America, as well as a Facilities Management degree and construction management experience. It’s also supported by the greater Wine is Truth team and a deep network of personal industry connections and resources who help turn plans into action, quickly and efficiently.